How to write a check Step by Step (updated 2019)

By posted on February 23, 2019 9:07AM
write a check Step by Step

Have ever wondered how a professional banker or person proper way to write a check? Do you want to know the same? Then you’re in right place. It sounds great? Yeah! Here are a complete format and method for writing a Check for any purpose. You might know that Check can be written for the different purposes. It can be written for the Loan, organisation or many other purposes. follow my all steps and know how to write a check

how to fill out a check

Write a Date:

Write a date at right-side Upper Corner. Write the date on the check of the same day when you want to send, because the check will be expired after six months of period.

a. write the date firstly (current data)

b. write the month

c. write the year

how to fill out a check


Write the name of the recipient:

Write the name of the company or Person? whom you want a Send.write company or person name correctly whom you want a send a check.

1. Write the name(Company name or person name ) carefully.

2. You shouldn’t make any mistake so you don’t have to make check messy with lots of correction.

write an exact amount in numeric:

write only that amount which you will pay the company. exact amount using dollars, cents, and rupees with a comma. ( if you write ten dollars $”10.00″)

writing a check

write an amount in words:

make sure that the amount which you are written in number, only that amount will be also written in words (for example- if you write the “$ 10.00” then only you write the “Ten dollars” or even “Ten”) and if you change the amount that was not possible and if you have done it the check will be destroyed.

Signature Sign the check on the line in the bottom right corner:

carefully sign your check if your sign is not matched than your check will be invalided and that person or company will be clam on you. the bank never accepts a digital signature

signing a check

Memo (or, for ) line:

in this part of check you will you will write the proposal, why you are given the check a person or company. ( if you want to donate the money then you will write in this part ” Donate”)

many some person is asking me some question for check write

How to sign the check ??

Many people know how to write a cheque but they are afraid that their cheque will be written as wrong or maybe the other people will misuse its cheque, which may be its money will be lost.

that is a digital era. everything is digital, but checks given in the banks are still written by hand( not accepted a digital signature )

General Safety Measures for Writing a Cheque Correctly

cancelled check will destroy in time and never hand over the blank check with a sign.

Don’t fold, staple or disfigure the cheque it may be cancelled by the cashier.

In cheque, sign clearly if it is required you sign twice (as seen in the back of the cheque), to make sure that there is no mistake in a signature.


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